Hey!👋 I'm Ondra.

Currently, I work full-time as an R&D specialist at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Pilsen, where I focus on projects related to high-voltage technology and diagnostics. Drawing from my years of experience in online marketing and graphic design, I collaborate with colleagues on the marketing efforts of the Department of Materials and Technology (KET). Notably, I am responsible for the visual content on our INSTAGRAM. In my freelance work, I specialize in web development, encompassing both visual design and coding. Photography is my greatest passion during my free time.

Me as developer

I have completed dozens of websites, primarily for businesses and magazines. I have managed affiliate campaigns at the Affiliate Agency Network, which is now part of eHUB.cz agency. Here, I created graphical materials for various affiliate campaigns, served as a full stack developer for websites and landing pages, and provided technical support to partners. I contributed to projects like az-recepty.cz, vanocnisen.cz, and painandgain.cz or lately ieee.cz, where I crafted WordPress templates from scratch and managed the overall visual design.

For most projects, I leverage the WordPress CMS. I started as a user and gradually delved into crafting web templates from scratch. I integrate functions directly into the templates, minimizing external plugin use. I have extensive experience with LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). I frequently use Python and Javascript. I used, during my Ph.D. study, languages like C, Matlab or LabView graphical programming software.

Me as designer

I experiment with vector and 3D graphics. I employ Serif's Affinity graphic software for design work and Blender for 3D projets. I also incorporate my own photography into them. I am behind the whole visual identity of our faculty department KET. Check our Instagram (czech). I also have some of my old work published at DRIBBBLE 🎨

Me as Photographer

Photography has been a hobby since 2012 when I first encountered time-lapse videos on YouTube and decided to give it a try. Back then, I used earnings from part-time work to purchase my first Olympus E-500 DSLR camera and created a time-lapse video titled 'MEANWHILE in Písek'. Since then, I have continued to photograph, adapting my equipment over time. I am not a professional photographer; rather, it's a form of meditation for me during leisure moments, or occasionally, I capture photos as part of my work at the faculty. Check my INSTAGRAM 👍

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