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A selection of articles about web development, design, science and games

🖌️FQTs: Practical Color Tools for Web Creators I Use

Frontend Quick Tips (FQTs) Colors in web design transcend mere aesthetics; they are a language that speaks directly to users' emotions and perceptions.

🏗️Why I Built My Own CMS - Lesson Learned

I needed to update or replace CMS on my blog. So? I did. I wrote my own simple CMS for simple blog. I think it's good for 14 days side project. Lot is missing and code is mess, but it works! :)

🧱 WP Gutenberg - Reusable blocks

Gutenberg blocks are a great thing not only for editors but also for developers. One such gutenberg gadget are "Reusable blocks".

🔋 Diagnosis - Minimalism

Get rid of all your clothes and wear only the essentials. Clean out the library and only have the book you're currently reading. These are two common principles attributed to minimalism.

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